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St Georges Park showing trees and dappled light on the pathway with dog walkers in the distance

Bristol Future Parks

Together we are creating a transformational shift in the way our city’s parks are managed. We are working with communities, business partners and other key stakeholders to secure a sustainable future for our parks for many generations to come. We are inviting everyone to join us in a city-wide collaboration to rethink our parks, invest time or money and regenerate our beautiful parks and green spaces.

Bristol Future Parks compliments the work already established within the Parks Service in the areas of health, heritage (natural and built), children and young people, green infrastructure, volunteering and income generation.

  • Bristol parks attract around 30 million visits a year
  • 48.5% of residents are willing to travel for three miles or more to their favourite park
  • Between the months of April to October, 72.3% of residents visit their local park at least once a week


With investment, community participation and improved income generation we will achieve more for parks and green spaces than we can currently deliver. By 2047 everyone will have access to an excellent quality park or green space within a 10-minute walk from their home and children all over the city will have access to a good play area.

Bristol’s parks service needs to be financially secure and sustainable so that our parks and green spaces are safe, clean, well maintained and welcoming to all. Access for disabled citizens will be improved and our local heritage will be protected for future generations. Lastly, Bristol’s parks and green spaces will be an integral part of the solution to the climate and ecological emergencies.

Strategic Alignments

Children's play park with sand pit and climbing apparatus

Green Spaces for Everyone, Forever

The parks and green spaces service has had a significant reduction in funding over the past ten years. We know that the quality of parks differs across the city with residents in less affluent parts of the city saying that they are significantly less satisfied with the quality of their local parks compared to residents in more affluent parts of the city. Without new investment and increasing the maintenance budgets we will see the accelerated loss of facilities and a further decline in quality at a time when the demand on green spaces is growing, particularly in the central parts of the city.

Dog walkers in Oldbury Court showing the cafe in the background

Benefits of Parks and Green Spaces

The value of the health benefits from Bristol’s parks is estimated at a whopping £361 million per year. They are also integral to the cultural life of the city – they provide breathing space and are crucial to the successful functioning of urban communities. Parks offer places to relax and enjoy the natural environment away from the stresses of everyday life, to take children to play, and for sport and recreation. In addition, they play host to a range of events and festivals on both a small and large scale which attract local, regional and sometimes national audiences.

Wildflowers in a park in Bristol

Unlocking Potential

Bristol parks attract around 30 million visits a year and trading opportunities in our parks is high. By investing in an innovative and viable enterprise opportunity in a Bristol park, you can help deliver a fantastic day out for families just waiting to make magical memories. We hope to see our partners earning a quality return on their investment any funds generated for parks being redistributed across the whole parks’ estate, improving quality across the board.

Visit the website

Visit the Bristol Future Parks website to find more information about investment and business opportunities in Blaise Castle Estate, Chaplin Community Garden, Eastville Park, Dame Emily Park and Sea Mills Recreation Ground.

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