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Bristol Wards Hotwells and Harbourside 12

Why Invest

An original city welcomes you.

One of the 11 Core Cities in the UK, Bristol geographically well-connected within the UK, as well as to Europe and the rest of the world, creating essential links for business to international partners and markets.

Vital to our heritage, our port is the UK’s most centrally located deep-sea port and contributes more than £1 billion to UK gross domestic product (GDP).

Our airport is England’s third largest regional airport and serves hundreds of destinations.

The city’s strong core leadership and administration are driving significant investment in transport, energy, housing and business.

Why invest in Bristol?

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A growing city, ready to adapt. Bristol is vibrant, creative and growing fast. A city at its best when we partner with people and business who share our values, pioneering spirit and belief in our long-term outlook.

Policies, plans and strategies
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A global city, internationally connected throughour citizens, culture and trade, Bristol has grown into a city known for its original, unorthodox and pioneering culture, filled with innovative thinkers, businesses, networks and plans for development that will drive its future success.

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Already home to more than 479,000 people, making us one of the biggest cities in the UK, our population is set to rise to 550,000 over the next 20 years. This growth, faster than similar cities, is no doubt fuelled by our strong local economy and strong graduate retention from our two universities.

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Bristol has one of the highest employment rates of any UK core city. This all contributes to Bristol’s reputation as a welcoming city, where everyone can find opportunity, a community and a unique mix of urban, waterside and outdoor lifestyle choices.

Bristol City Monitor
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And for those looking to relocate, the South West in the best place to live in the UK and raise a family, according to PwC’s latest Future of Government report, Rethinking Levellling-Up.

PwC’s latest Future of Government report, Rethinking Levelling-Up.
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Bristol was built on the River Avon, and as a result became a gateway to the world. Now transformed into a city known for creative thinking and honest approach to challenges that seeks to unlock talent and opportunity; Bristol is a city that puts people at its heart to its future success.