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Woman running a 10K race with the suspension bridge in the background

Original People

Bristol is a vibrant, cultural, creative city, full of opportunity and innovation. It means many different things to many different people, but it is the mix of people who live, work, visit, study and invest here that creates such an original and unique place to be.

We love new ideas, we’re constantly innovating and the more creative we can be while we do it, the better. We have many different organisations already here playing their part in keeping Bristol as the city we love, but you will also find enterprise everywhere.

Like most cities, there are still challenges to overcome if we are going to make Bristol the fair, healthy, happy and inclusive place we want it to be, but how we approach these challenges makes us so proud to belong here. 

Our approach

Bristol values collaboration which is why we work with partners across all sectors to tackle our immediate priorities whilst also building ambitious plans for the future.

Our One City Approach is where knowledge is shared, relationships are built and by working together we aim to solve the many challenges currently faced by people, communities and organisations across the city.

Bristol brings together a huge range of public, private, voluntary and education sector partners with a joint city plan, falling under six priority themes. By 2050, we will be a well-connected city with world-class infrastructure and services.

We have creativity, sustainability, advanced manufacturing, world class universities, and aerospace at our fingertips. We take pride in doing things differently and we will make sure everyone who lives and works here has an equal chance of success regardless of circumstances. We’re looking to develop and maintain a talent pool with the right knowledge and skills to ensure your investment is part of our long-term success.

If you share our values and vision, then join us and take advantage of all that Bristol has to offer.

Suspension Bridge at night