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Bridge at Temple Quay with a cyclist


Investing and innovating in infrastructure for everyone

Bristol has a heritage of pioneering, inventive and original thinkers. This shapes our culture today and keeps us creating new ideas and fosters collaboration to make our city a great place to be.

Providing the right environment for this culture to shine, through investment and growth, is central to our continued economic success. It means we are committed to smart, long-term improvements and innovations in every part of our city infrastructure to achieve an inclusive economy.

Infrastructure development will also offer opportunities for investment partners who share our values and believe in being part of our long-term outlook for a sustainable, carbon neutral and ecologically positive economy.

Bristol’s commitments to infrastructure growth align with partners across the West of England and Western Gateway and are measurable against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They ensure we can deliver our plans in collaboration, and are central to our pioneering One City approach.

We do not have all the answers. A mark of our strong leadership is to not shy away from challenge, but to embrace it, collaborate for change and create a resilient city. Businesses, citizens and partners across Bristol will continue to be a key strength and foundation of our One City Economic Recovery and Renewal Strategy. And we welcome insight and innovation from partners like you to help us achieve these plans.

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