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We are Bristol, group image

We Are Bristol

Creativity and collaboration in practice 
#WeAreBristol started as a social experiment and film in 2019, involving over 60 Bristol strangers from all walks of life, and came to symbolise our unique and diverse city and the people who live here. 

Today #WeAreBristol has become a movement, embodying our shared ambition and demonstrating how we are all working together to build our city of hope.  

We have never been afraid to face our challenges, so this year #WeAreBristol documented the city’s response to Covid-19 so future generations can learn from our mistakes and successes.  

Building on this, Bristol’s real history to be told by We Are Bristol History Commission – formed as part of a response after the events in the summer of 2020 and its work will include the history of slavery as well as the full scope of events that have impacted the city.