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Credit Stride TreglownView over Bedminster down towards Whitehouse Street

Whitehouse Street Regeneration Area

We are bringing forward plans for the regeneration of the area around  Whitehouse Street, on the edge of Bristol city centre.  Over the next 5-15 years, the project will see the transformation of the area into a mixed and balanced community with c2,000 new homes alongside employment, cultural and public spaces that respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. Currently the land is underused, comprising low-density industrial buildings, with the potential for a comprehensive regeneration in a sustainable location.

Bristol City Council and other major landowners in the area have come together and formally agreed to work in partnership to bring about change in the area. A draft regeneration framework that has brought key stakeholders, developers, and the community together around a single long-term vision for change is close to completion and will be formally consulted on in summer 2022. Community engagement has been central to the project, and a Community Manifesto developed with  local people has helped to shape the draft framework.

A key principle of the draft framework is to facilitate development of new homes, and the infrastructure and public spaces to support them, in a way that is compatible with the businesses and employment spaces remaining in the area. Currently the area is largely light industrial, and, wherever possible, we want to provide space for existing businesses to continue operating should they choose to. At the same time, we want to provide room for the local economy to develop and grow alongside the new community.

This poses challenges, but we are committed to exploring options for industrial development at a higher density to meet the needs of businesses to make more efficient use of land.  The space will need to be developed and managed in a way that is compatible with neighbouring residential uses, while supporting inclusive economic growth from which all our citizens can benefit.

Bristol City Council is keen to hear about examples of such developments elsewhere and from developers and funders interested in exploring the potential for delivery of such schemes in Bristol.

See the project website.


  • Mixed use
  • Approximately 2,000 new homes

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