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GCI of Baltic Wharf showing new buildings and people going about their day

Goram Homes

Our strategic priorities for Bristol’s places focus on providing secure future homes, jobs and quality places, improves connectivity and protects green spaces. We will concentrate on areas where communities are experiencing long-term deprivation, and all development needs address the climate and ecological emergencies at every step.

To help deliver this Bristol City Council launched Goram Homes, a housing company with a mission to accelerate home-building across the city and beyond.

The Bristol-based firm (a subsidiary of Bristol Holding, which is wholly owned by Bristol City Council) is currently working on two developments: Romney House in Lockleaze, and Baltic Wharf, Bristol’s Floating Harbour.

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  • Romney House, Lockleaze
  • Baltic Wharf, Floating Harbour

What it means for Bristol

Goram Homes works in partnership with Bristol City Council and the private sector to build sustainable, affordable homes that create communities, respect the environment and contribute to the local economy.

Alongside development partners, Bristol City Council and local residents, it aims to build homes that transform where and how people live, working with developers, architects and organisations to make a positive impact on our city and help communities thrive.

Strategic Alignments

To ensure regeneration is values led the Western Harbour plans sit within wider strategic aims including the One City Economic Recovery and Renewal Plan. This should focus public policy, action and the delivery of place change that works for all.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) alignments include: 11.3, 17.3

CGI showing Romney House - people siting on a bench in calm surroundings

Key opportunities and challenges

Romney House, Lockleaze

In partnership with Vistry Partnerships Goram Homes will build 268 homes on this brownfield site in north Bristol, of which 55 per cent will be affordable housing.

Central to the development will be a community park, which will form a wildlife corridor from the neighbouring historic Stoke Park to Concorde Way, and help to create a green and leafy Bristol. The mixed-tenure development will create a balanced community and continue the transformation of Lockleaze.

Key opportunities and challenges

Baltic Wharf, Floating Harbour

In partnership with Hill, Goram Homes will build over 150 flats at Spike Island, the western end of the floating harbour, of which 40 per cent will be affordable housing. The prestigious location, opposite historic Underfall Yard, has wide open views across Bristol’s skyline and offers a rare opportunity to live in the city centre.

Future developments

Goram Homes is interested in hearing from developers looking to work in partnership to build new homes, and landowners or a community-led organisations interested in creating a three-way joint venture. Contact partnership director, Geoff Fox

CGI of Baltic Wharf aerial view

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